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Citizens of multiple faiths and ethnic backgrounds, came together to help prepare for the GTA's share of 25,000 Syrian Refugees.

As we wind down our initial mission of clothing Syrian new-comers, we are now actively collecting donations for our ''Ahlan Ramadan" project to help provide newcomers with food baskets for their first Ramadan in Canada. you can make donations at ramadan@theclothingdrive.org 13254630_10157041694610089_1901235240972208706_o


As our clothing mission is coming to an end we are embarking on new projects to help settle the Syrian Newcomers to their new communities. Through community engagement our next project is well under way and we are now collecting donations for our 'Ahlan Ramadan" Project.

Ramadan is due to begin, inshallah, on the 6th or 7th of June and will run for 30 days. As many of us know, Ramadan is the month when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Amongst other things, it is also the month of grace, generosity and kindness. The end of Ramadan, marked by the celebration of Eid, is a huge festivity involving food, family, friends and gifts for children. It is customary, especially in Syria, and other parts of the Middle East to celebrate Eid for three days. For many of our Syrian newcomers, this Ramadan will be the first to be spent away from their families, their friends, their homes and their country. While Ramadan is the month of great hope and determination, for many of our newest friends it will be also be the month where they will most certainly miss friends and family the most - both those who have remained behind and those who have passed on. To help make this Ramadan a little brighter and to help support our Syrian friends, The Clothing Drive in conjunction with Mes Amis is pleased to launch Ahlan Ramadan - our Ramadan "Sponsor a Food Basket" Program.


We provide a warm and welcoming environment in our storefront location where Syrian newcomers can “shop for free" for good quality, gently used clothing and footwear. We strive to provide Arabic-speaking volunteers to assist with a "one stop" solution for several outfits for each family member.

We are open to all without appointments. our new hours are Monday, , 10am-6pm.

We are closed all other days.


Due to the extreme generosity of our donors and our winding down process, we have a significant inventory of clothing and are no longer able to accept donations.

We are now accepting donations for the Ahlan Ramadan food baskets for the month of Ramadan. You can drop off new toys by contacting the clothing drive or make monetary donations by email at ramadan@theclothingdrive.org.

Thank you very much for all your support.


We Offer

We will continue to collect donations of dollars and toys throughout Ramadan.


Through our program each family will receive:

10lbs of Beef

8KG bag of Rice

907G bag of Lentils

907G bag of Fava Beans

907G bag of Chick Peas (for hommous)

370G of Baba Ghannouj (moutabbel)

454G of Zaatar

2KG bag of Sugar

4LB bag of Burgol

850 ml of Olive Oil

1 KG of Labne (yogourt)

1 KG of Dates

500G of Akawie Cheese

1 Box of Lipton Tea

2 bags of Pita Bread

1 box of Maamoul Sweets

* each basket will also contain additional products donated by corporate sponsors. The specifics of these products is still being determined. ** if we can collect enough toys for children in all families, in each region, then a second delivery, closer to Eid, will be made specifically for toys.

Thank you.

  • جميع الملابس الخارجين
  • لفحات ,طواقي, قفازات
  • احذيه و احذيه شتويه
  • بنطلونات
  • كنزات صوفيه و قطنيه
  • وألبسة رضع


Become a Volunteer

Over the course of 3 weeks, THE CLOTHING DRIVE Facebook group grew from zero to over 5,500 volunteer members actively donating clothing, showing up, offering business services and promoting this drive. Sorters, movers, programmers, marketing/public relations, contractors, cleaners, graphic designers, business executives, retail experts – you name it – they joined and actively helped the GTA welcome Syrian refugees.

Do you have an hour to offer or 20? Join one of our events or contact us to volunteer your skills.

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