Citizens of multiple faiths and ethnic backgrounds, came together to help prepare for the GTA's share of 25,000 Syrian Refugees.


In mid November of 2015, Laura-Jean Bernhardson posted a Facebook request for clothing donations to assist with a family she was helping sponsor. That post was shared over 2000 times, generated hundreds of donations. Within 3 weeks, over 5,000 volunteers made it possible to offer a unique storefront “free shopping” experience, enabling families to shop for their own clothes, try on to ensure a good fit, and begin the integration process in our communities.

Volunteers across all communities eagerly offered their voice, time, business skills, labour, transportation and clothing to emphasize that ‘Toronto to Good’ is rich with kindness and compassion. Syrian Refugees will arrive during Canada’s coldest season with little or no apparel to protect them from winter conditions.

Our Mission

We provide a warm and welcoming environment in our storefront location where Syrian newcomers can “shop for free" for good quality, gently used clothing and footwear. We strive to provide Arabic-speaking volunteers to assist with a "one stop" solution for several outfits for each family member.

We are open to all without appointments. our new hours are Monday, Tuesday,Friday and Saturday, 10am-6pm.

We are closed Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Due to the extreme generosity of our donors and our winding down process, we have a significant inventory of clothing and are no longer able to accept donations.

Thank you very much for all your support.


We Offer
  • Summer clothing
  • Light jackets, Scarves, Long dresses
  • Shoes
  • Pants
  • Shirts and Sweaters
  • Infant wear
  • جميع الملابس الخارجين
  • لفحات ,طواقي, قفازات
  • احذيه و احذيه شتويه
  • بنطلونات
  • كنزات صوفيه و قطنيه
  • وألبسة رضع


Become a Volunteer

Over the course of 3 weeks, THE CLOTHING DRIVE Facebook group grew from zero to over 5,500 volunteer members actively donating clothing, showing up, offering business services and promoting this drive. Sorters, movers, programmers, marketing/public relations, contractors, cleaners, graphic designers, business executives, retail experts – you name it – they joined and actively helped the GTA welcome Syrian refugees.

Do you have an hour to offer or 20? Join one of our events or contact us to volunteer your skills.

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Donations: donations@theclothingdrive.org
Sponsors/appointments to "shop": appointments@theclothingdrive.org
Volunteers/Retail Operations: volunteers@theclothingdrive.org
Treasurer: treasurer@theclothingdrive.org
Media/Communications Lead: media@theclothingdrive.org
Julie Mafouz (Advisor):  julie@theclothingdrive.org

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